Portrait Songs at Music Salon @ The Cell

Likeness to Lily’s Portrait Songs are a series of vignettes inspired by the true stories of real life women.  Each of these story-songs are brought to life by the elegant candor of Susan Oetgen’s classically trained voice and unfold in the light-drenched colors and sensual figures of collaborator Justin Waldstein’s original artwork-in-projection.  Mythic but intimate, [...]
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FILM : Severe Clear at the Angelika

FILM : Severe Clear at the Angelika by Susan Did anyone else notice the spate of editorials written by veterans about The Hurt Locker in the run-up to the Oscars? None of these veterans were particularly positive in their reviews of it, mostly citing gross inaccuracies about the military that made a good story, perhaps, [...]
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Website upgrade!

Welcome to the new Likeness to Lily web site. It looks similar to the old one, but it’s now built on WordPress, with many new interactive features, like subscription and comments. Look around, and leave us a comment below if you have any feedback or suggestions. Thanks!
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