Farewell, Recruit

Track Listing

Farewell, Recruit cover

  1. Farewell, Recruit
  2. Helen the Blessed
  3. Enigma in a Mystery in a Riddle
  4. One More Lullaby
  5. Training Cadence
  6. More to the Story
  7. Love Is a Force of Nature
  8. Parade of Haloes
  9. False Hopes
  10. Prime Mover
  11. Lily Does Intro
  12. Lily Does
  13. Benefit of the Doubt

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About the Album

Farewell, Recruit contains 12 original songs that draw from jazz, classical, folk and rock influences to document an emotional narrative of courage, vulnerability, resignation and struggle to find hope in contemporary, at-war America. At the heart of the material is vocalist and songwriter Susan Oetgen’s knack for storytelling, connecting the listener to her poetic writing. The songs of Farewell, Recruit center loosely around a protagonist – a young Marine who is deployed to Iraq – and unfold in a meandering reverie from the point of view of a lover who is left behind to wait and wonder.

Six of the songs on Farewell, Recruit (Tracks 1, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 13) form the complete multimedia song-cycle Bazm-o-Razm (for soprano, flute, violin, cello, bass, piano, drums and laptop), which Susan composed in conjunction with Likeness to Lily as part of her 2007-2008 Composer-Mentorship residency with the Brooklyn Philharmonic. Bazm-o-Razm includes original drawings and projections by Justin Waldstein, Iraq War photographs by Pulitzer Prize nominee Alan Chin and choreography by Sahar Javedani.


Featuring: Susan Oetgen (vocals and horn, string & vocal arrangements), Tony Melone (piano, string arrangements), Evan Pazner (drums) and Ian M. Riggs (bass). Special Guests: Marlan Barry, cello (Tracks 4 & 9); Peter Hess, clarinet (Track 6) and flute (Track 11); Jeremiah Lockwood, guitars (Tracks 3 & 8); Kevin Louis, trumpet (Tracks 1 & 8); Richard Miller, guitar (Track 11); Max Moston, violin (Tracks 4 & 9); Franz Nicolay, accordion (Track 6); Jeremy Thal, horn in F (Track 1); Dave Wechsler, flute (Tracks 2 & 9).
Recorded by Joel Hamburger, Godelstring Studio, Brooklyn, NY. Mixed by Tony Melone, Brooklyn, NY. Mastered by Kim Rosen, West West Side Music, Windsor, NY. Produced by Susan Oetgen and Tony Melone. CD Design by Justin Waldstein. Photography by Susan Oetgen and Justin Waldstein.

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