Solitude’s Dollhouse

Track Listing

Solitude's Dollhouse Floor Plan

  1. Hey You
  2. Life’s Not Life
  3. House Calls
  4. Almost Again
  5. Little Night Song
  6. Que Faire
  7. How Can It Be
  8. Asleep Under Apollo
  9. Mythology of You and Me
  10. Jewelia
  11. Last Goodbyes
  12. One Street and Two Houses Down

CD available for purchase at CDbaby.

About the Album

Solitude’s Dollhouse contains 10 original songs and 2 soundscapes that sketch a heart’s journey through memory’s rooms in a childhood home. Lyrics are lush, written from the point of view of a narrator retracing her steps through an interior habitat shaped by the tides and floods of love and loss. Song arrangements are inventive and include the hum of a refridgerator, the comings and goings of a city bus, classical guitar, dobro, and de-tuned piano to provide musical terra firma for dream-world storytelling. Solitude’s Dollhouse is Likeness to Lily’s recording debut and a labor of true love growing wise.


Featuring: Susan Oetgen (vocals), David Durst (piano and arrangement for solo classical guitar on ‘Asleep under Apollo’), Jeremiah Lockwood (guitar and dobro), Evan Pazner (drums) and Ian M. Riggs (bass). Special Guests: Joel Hamilton, percussion (Track 10) and sound design (Tracks 3 & 12); Francisco Roldan, guitar (Track 8); Tony Maimone, water glasses (Track 7); Matt Welsh, percussion (Track 10) and Susan’s beloved grandparents, Frank and Gloria Pellegrini, stories and voice (Tracks 3 & 12).
Recorded and mixed by Joel Hamilton, Studio G, Brooklyn, NY. Mastered by TJ Lipple, Silver Sonya Studios, Arlington, VA. Produced by Susan Oetgen. CD Design by Rhys Daunic. Photography by Susan Oetgen. Architecture text by Abhijit Kapade.

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