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Command Voice LogoCommand Voice is an evening-length opera, created by Likeness to Lily along with visual artist Justin Waldstein and dramaturg Alison Fleminger. The work was developed in the Tribeca Performing Arts Center Artist-in-Residence Program, starting in June 2009, and will premiere in June 2010.

Command Voice centers on the process of healing injury in a world where technology allows us to exceed our human limitations, while at the same time compelling us to confront the ambiguous consequences of the power it bestows. Set in the very near future, Command Voice tells the story of a returning Marine Corps combat veteran, his religious-minded wife, and the scientist whose controversial trans-humanist medical intervention promises far more than a routine procedure for all involved.

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Seriously? I came across this in my research for Command Voice, and really had to share. Mind-boggling. S.
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It’s Coming Together!

Very excited to be doing 10 new songs from Command Voice at the work-in-progress show on Wednesday, and to see some of Justin’s new artwork projected on screen (and on some other surfaces, but that’s top secret). Hope you can catch it…details on the shows page.
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